Saturday, January 5, 2008

Wedding Set: the Claddagh

The Claddagh (pronounced "claw-daw") design has been popular for 400 years, since its origins in a small fishing community near Galway Bay in Ireland. It traditionally depicts a heart, cradled by two hands, and topped with a crown. The two hands represent friendship, the crown signifies their loyalty and lasting fidelity, and the Heart, of course, symbolizes their eternal love for each other.
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Worn on the right hand, crown turned inwards, your heart is yet unoccupied.
Worn on the right hand, crown turned outwards, shows a special commitment to someone.
Worn on the left hand, crown outwards, let our love and friendship reign forever - never to be separated.
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In this case, the bride wanted to have the engagement and wedding rings to be separate - so I designed the claddagh as a set: The two hands cradling the heart is the engagement ring, and consists of an amethyst stone set in white gold. The wedding band provides the crown element, which nests neatly against the top of the heart, which I crafted in white gold with an accent of three diamonds.
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The groom didn't want the frilly diamond and amethyst combo in his ring, so I designed his version as a solid white gold ring with a dramatic black background behind the elements - a traditional Claddagh, surrounded on both sides with a celtic knot pattern.
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This is a design I can reproduce - a version of it can be made for you in either white or yellow gold, and with a variety of stones. Contact me directly for prices - gold prices are in such a state of flux, that I'll have to figure the price at the time of your order.
Be sure to give me 6 to 8 weeks to build them before your wedding!
Call me at the studio to discuss the particulars - (505) 296-1400.


  1. This is the ring I am talking about Dave. I love it!! Tell me what you think.

  2. Love these rings!! David your work is amazing, I will be saving up so I can have something created for my husband and I. Much love from Louisiana. ^_^