Saturday, January 5, 2008

Weddings 505 TV Show Guest Appearance

WOW, so much news to catch up on! Look for more posts in the very near future. Let's start with this:

My good friend, Marcy Sargeant, is the host of a new TV show to make its debut in February 2008 called Weddings 505 ..." A Bride's TV & Internet Connection to the 505 Area"! It's a show about all the accoutrements and accessories of weddings here in New Mexico - the gowns, the cakes, and of course, the JEWELRY! I show a few of the wedding ring designs I've done in the past, and answer a few questions about wedding ring design.

Please click the image above, or this link HERE, to be taken to the website for the show, where you can watch the first episode online! When you've watched it, and looked around the site, click the "back" button on your browser to come back here, where I'll have new posts to detail each of the wedding rings shown on the show. ENJOY!

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