Friday, March 4, 2011

Jewelry Art: Japanese Flying Crane Bracelet

 The flying crane has long been one of my favorite themes in Japanese Art.  This bracelet was carved with the crane in flight as its main image:  the crane's wingspread wraps around the bracelet as the bird rises from the water, surrounded by chrysanthemums and bamboo.

The large central stone is an inlaid mosaic composed of African sugilite, onyx and lab-grown opal.  Mounted on top is a rainbow moonstone set in a gold bezel, which is actually pegged to the stone to make it secure.

The stone in the body of the crane is a faceted amethyst, cut in a triangular shape, which creates beautiful patterns within the stone.  I think the Trillion shape is one of my favorites.

Completing the composition, carved Chrysanthemums spring up around the crane.  I set two of them with rainbow moonstones, and the third is set with a smaller amethyst.

At the feet of the crane, I carved water with a single lilly pad. On the other side of the bracelet is a carved cluster of silver bamboo.

This is a fairly heavy bracelet, with a lot of silver.  It weighs approximately 150 grams, close to five ounces!  It will fit a wrist about 6½ inches in circumference.  Every wrist is a different shape, but if you wrap a strip of paper around your wrist and mark it where the ends intersect, it will give you a good idea of your circumference.  This bracelet cannot be altered, but I can make one specifically for you!

I have sold a few of these bracelets at the current price of $3800, but with the price of silver going up, that price may have to be adjusted.  The one pictured above is SOLD, and I currently have another one in the works on order.  If you would like me to make one for you in a different size, measure the circumference of your wrist, and call me at the studio directly at (505) 296-1400 - I'll be happy to accommodate you personally.  We'll discuss your preferences for stone colors, and I'll make one just for you.  Or if you'd prefer, drop me an email at David (at) StewartArt (dot) com, and I'll get back to you right away!


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