Sunday, December 5, 2010

Raven Jewelry - New Pendant!

What is it about Ravens and Crows I find so captivating?  To tell the truth, I didn't even realize how many of my designs were based upon the Raven until a customer pointed it out to me at an art fair!  I had Raven paintings, Raven sculptures, and Raven jewelry all around me!  Okay.  So I like them.  Something about their group intellect appeals to me - it's fascinating!

 My Raven Ring has been so well-received, that I was inspired to adapt the design to a pendant, presented to you here.  I strung this one on a very simple black leather cord, with an adjustable knot that allows you to change the length it hangs, although many chains & neckwires will fit through the sculpted bail on the back.
 Raven Pendant - approx 43 mm long

As with the Raven Ring, this pendant is crafted in sterling silver, with black onyx eyes.  The price of silver has been climbing steadily, but currently this piece sells for $225.  Call me personally at the studio to place an order for one: (505) 296-1400  ~OR~ email me at David (at)  (Don't include your credit card numbers in the email ... it's not safe!)   I'll start on yours right away!