About my ART

I believe that art in all forms serves a purpose broader and more noble than most people realize. It is not only the barometer by which we can measure the current spiritual and mental health of our society, but also the helm by which we steer our destiny as a culture and a civilization. The dreams of artists today inevitably become the realities of tomorrow.

Art is the weapon we use to stave off the banalities that intrude upon our lives. It restores our purpose of living in a culturally rich, harmonious and rewarding fashion. If life itself is simple survival, then our Art, in all its varied forms, is the flavor and spice that makes it palatable and worthwhile. Art is the manifestation of SPIRIT that makes it evident that we are more than the sum of our parts ...more than mere physical beings or animals born of primordial soup. As communication on a spiritual level, it cannot be accurately translated into words, but should simply be enjoyed for what it is.

I delight in the rich use of color, contrast and texture in my art. My pieces have a physical, tactile quality that reflect my love of process, and I find it particularly wonderful when that process shows. I love working in a variety of media: from metalworking to carving in wood and stone, and from painting to polishing.

My work is characterized by a larger-than-usual variety of themes and styles that reflect my exposure to many different art forms and cultures growing up, and a constantly renewed fascination for all art; however, I find myself drawn to primitive art images more than anything else. Anthropomorphic or human figures hold a special fascination for me, as do animal forms like bison, deer, fish and crustaceans.

It seems to me that primitive images, whether from the American Southwest, Northwest Coast, Africa or South America all have a common denominator: A simple, direct power uncomplicated by modern complexities. It is this energy that I endeavor to tap into and convey through my art. I hope it communicates to you, and more - that it somehow excites your own unique creativity.