Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jewelry Art: "Wind Spirit" pendant

This Sterling Silver pendant is titled, "Wind Spirit". The inspiration, of course, is a feather which presents unlimited opportunity for drama in design, but I personified the theme by adding a little face to the piece in carved bamboo coral inlaid with 18K gold eyes. What better to represent the spirit of the wind than a feather?
click image to enlarge
The stones I used in the body are: (starting at the top right and going clockwise),
-gold-lipped clam shell, inlaid with a faceted amethyst set in a gold bezel
-simulated lab-grown opal
-black onyx
-gold-lipped clam shell
-blue simulated opal
-Wyoming black jade
-black onyx
-chatoyant obsidian
-Russian charoite
-simulated opal
-black-lipped clam shell
-pink mussel shell
-spiderweb chalcosiderite

I handmade the bail in back of the piece as a hinged "enhancer" bail that opens and snaps closed (see my bursting pearls pendant for an example). This enables you to wear the pendant on pearls or beads, as well as a chain or neckwire. (The Byzantine chain shown is available for an additional charge). The pendant measures 4 3/4 inches tall from top to bottom, and makes quite a statement when worn. UPDATE: Wind Spirit has been SOLD... A similar piece can be made just for you, with a slightly different stone arrangement (Each one in inlaid by hand, as a separate composition, so the colors will vary considerably). Currently priced at $2800, but in today's volatile market, I might have to adjust it slightly when I make yours!
Call me at the studio (505) 296-1400 to arrange that, or email me at David @ StewartArt. com to order one custom-made for yourself or someone you love.


  1. Your jewellery pieces are very beautiful & unique !

  2. Woooow! Great piece Dave! Doug