Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jewelry Art: "Mokume Necklace"

"Mokume Pendant"
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Here's another one from my archives. The term Mokume-Gane is Japanese for wood grain, and it refers to the pattern in the metal "wings" on this piece, which sort of look like the swirls in burled wood. It's a meticulous process that involves layering different metals like copper, brass, silver & gold in many alternating layers. When the back is hammered, and then the rough spots filed off on the front, the pattern is revealed.

Mokume detail
The central part of the pendant is carved ebony, inlaid with a piece of old ivory. The main stone on top of the ivory is a Fire Agate, set in a bezel encrusted with gold chunks. The smaller stone is a piece of sugilite, accented with a gold drop. The little green stone on the one wing is Faustite. The wings on the side are set on forged silver wire, connected to a woven black leather cord with silver sleeves accenting it.

This was a one-of-a-kind piece that went to one of my collectors in San Diego. Something with a similar "feel" could be done for you - call me at the studio, (505) 296-1400, to discuss the details and price (somewhere around $3600).


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  1. Well Dave , glad to see you've done a bit of updating on your blog. I'd hate to have to call the blog cops again :D Beautiful piece by the way, but then I would expect no less. Having this normal job kind of sucks but being around all this energy at a college is inspirational and the right side of my brain is kicking in again. Keep up the great work! Doug