Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jewelry Art: Bursting Pearls Pin/ Pendant

This combination pin/ pendant is titled Bursting Pearls, because I made it so that the pearls appear to be bursting out of the background, as if emerging from volcanic fields. I generally use baroque freshwater pearls with a sort of pinkish hue, to contrast nicely with the frosty silver textured background.
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The texture was achieved in the original handwrought master by a process called reticulation - a meticulous process using the torch to wrinkle the surface by bringing it close to the melting point. This cast silver piece was then treated by heating it red-hot and quenching it in acid over & over again - this dissolves the copper out of the sterling alloy, leaving pristine pure silver on the surface. The effect achieved is unlike any other process I know of, and forms a pearlescent beautiful white silver color that contrasts wonderfully with the polished "rails" that run along the sides.

If you look at the back of the piece, you can see the secret to its versatility: it's not just a pin, but it also has a hand-crafted "enhancer" bail that opens & snaps closed. It's pictured on a snake chain here (not included), but that bail enables you to wear it on liquid silver necklaces, pearl strands, beads, or neckwires as well! Really versatile. The current price on this pin/ pendant is $355, but with the price of precious metals being so volatile, check with me to see if any price adjustments have to be made. Shipping generally runs about $10, unless you have a special request like overnight or out-of-country.
Call me at the studio at (505) 296-1400 to place your order.

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