Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Jewelry Art: My Favorite Ring

Despite its simplicity, there's a reason this ring is my favorite - and that is that it's YOUR favorite! I've been making this ring design for over 18 years, and it's always been a best-seller at the fairs I've done coast-to-coast. Variations on this bubbly theme were some of the very first designs I handmade in jewelry 30 years ago.

I also make a plain version of this ring (with no pearl), but this one with a plump, pinkish freshwater pearl is actually the first version I came up with. I guarantee the pearl will remain intact: First, I drill each pearl and set it on a silver post that is cast into the ring, and secondly, I use EPOXY to hold it on. More tedious to use, but it's much tougher than traditional pearl cement. So ... if you ever lose the pearl, just send it back to me, and I'll put a new one on at no charge!

I can make this ring in virtually any size - it looks GREAT on any finger. Just specify your size, and I'll make one just for you for $58. plus $10 shipping & handling. Just Email me at: David@StewartArt.com , or call me personally at the studio: (505) 296-1400.

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  1. My mom bought one of these rings from you in L.A. many years ago. It is still one of her favorites.