Friday, March 30, 2007

Jewelry Art: Etched Long Dome

This long-dome style ring is a classic shape for my style - I love what a longer ring does to a lady's hand. This one I treated a little differently: first, I covered the surface with designs and glyphs, tediously etched into the surface with dental burrs and stipple tools... and secondly, instead of flush-inlaying the sugilite stone into the surface, I thought it would be more dramatic if the stone rose out of the top surface in a polished bezel. And I went one step further: I made the bezel just slightly smaller than the opening in the dome, leaving a black space between the bezel & dome that forms a dramatic accent.

The stone is sugilite from Africa - a gorgeous purple stone with bluish-white & dark matrix. This ring just sold, but I am currently working on a variation on the theme, which will be offered here when complete. It will be signed on the back with my hallmark stamp, just as this one was. Price will be $345 plus $5 shipping and handling (priority mail). If you want me to send one to you, just email me at or phone me at the studio: (505) 296-1400.,
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PLEASE NOTE that the stone in your ring will be different than the one pictured - every stone is different! In fact, if you have a specific preference, including different colored stones used together, please let me know in your email - I will do everything I can to accomodate your wishes. Some stones may be more expensive, and add to the price above.

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