Thursday, May 20, 2010

Painting: Raven Matrix

My primary medium, art jewelry, has often given me pause when working with the beautiful stones at my disposal. I love the matrix patterns found in turquoise stones, and have often wondered what they would look like in a larger scale. This gave rise to the bright idea of doing large paintings that would look like huge stones to grace your living spaces, just as the small gems grace your body. This is the first painting done in this theme: Raven Matrix

Actual size, 20" X 24"
I modeled the color and matrix patterns after one of my favorite stones: Carico Lake Turquoise from Lander County, Nevada. As I was sketching some guidelines to paint the matrix, I noticed a pattern that looked a lot like a raven in flight ... so, I pursued that theme and enhanced it! I like ravens.

To enhance the idea that it was a large cut gemstone, I did the painting on a Convexo canvas, one that is stretched over rounded stretcher bars, so the edges would be beveled like a cabochon-cut stone. I also limited the gloss varnish to the turquoise-colored areas, because the softer matrix stone seldom takes a polish like turquoise itself.

The painting is 20" X 24", and is ready to hang - no frame needed. The asking price is $1200, and you can have me ship it to you by calling me here at the studio: (505) 296 -1400. I haven't figured out how to do giclee reproduction prints yet, because of the beveled edges, so this one is it! It's also the first one in the series, so let me know if you have something else in mind - I'll be glad to work with you. Watch this space for other stones, too!


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  1. This is terrific! Telling a bit of the story behind the inspiration is a nice touch!